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Military Alumni of SMU Board

Military Alumni

The Military Alumni of SMU was established in 2013 as an affinity group facilitated through the Office of Alumni Engagement. The goals of the SMU Military Alumni Chapter are to provide support for SMU community military members who are deployed, offer networking and mentoring opportunities for SMU student and alumni military members, and honor past SMU community military members who have served with distinction.

The mission is to serve as the link between SMU Military Alumni and the SMU community, while promoting the Military Alumni Scholarship.

Expectations for Board Members:

  • Board Meetings: Attend monthly Board Meetings, held either in person or via conference call.
  • Plan and Attend Events: Attend and help coordinate group events
  • Promote the Scholarship: encourage participation in the Military Alumni Scholarship Fund
  • Select a Scholarship Recipient: Help select the annual recipient(s) of the Military Alumni Scholarship
  • Make a gift to the Military Alumni Scholarship Fund: As proponents of the Military Alumni Scholarship, members of the Military Alumni Board are expected to make a gift of any amount to the Scholarship each fiscal year. It’s not what you give, but that you give that matters most!

Time Commitment

  • Depending on the group’s upcoming event schedule, meetings are held monthly, either in person on SMU’s East Campus or by conference call.
  • The amount of time spent in this position will fluctuate; however, a member can expect to spend 1-5 hours a month on activities (less time between events and more time around events.)

Get Involved Today!

Apply to become part of the Military Alumni of SMU Board today! Email us at so we can follow up with you and tell you more about this SMU Alumni Affinity Group and expectations for its Board Members.

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