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Reunion Committee Membership

Reunion Committees

Each fall during Homecoming, SMU Reunion Weekend allows you to reminisce, reconnect and celebrate 5-year milestones of graduation, starting with your 5-year reunion through your 45-year reunion! SMU’s 50-year reunions offer a weekend filled with activities that coincide with Commencement each spring. Golden Mustangs, alumni celebrating more than 50-years since graduation, also gather for a reunion every other spring. We invite you to join your reunion committee to help plan an outstanding party and encourage your classmates to make a gift to SMU in honor of your special milestone. 

Expectations of Committee Members:

  • Attend activities during reunion weekend
  • Support the committee participation goal of 100% by making a gift in honor of your reunion. Any size gift to any SMU program counts toward this goal
  • Personally select and contact 15 classmates and encourage them to:
    • Attend the reunion
    • Make a gift to SMU in honor of their reunion year
  • Update the SMU Reunion Programs team or your co-chairs in a timely manner concerning the contacts you have made with your classmates
  • Make every effort to attend the three committee meetings to provide input for reunion weekend decisions, sign postcards and learn more about your role as a committee member. Out-of-town members are encouraged to join the committee and will be included via conference call, mail and e-mail.
  • Assist SMU in finding “lost” classmates by updating inaccurate contact information and sharing it with the SMU Reunion Programs team
  • Have fun! This is a memorable year and a wonderful opportunity!

Time Commitment:

Time commitments vary according to class year:

  • 5 through 45-year reunion committee membership spans between March and December of your reunion year
  • 50-year reunion committee membership spans between the October prior to your reunion year and ends in the June of your reunion year
  • Golden Mustangs committee membership spans between November and April every other year. (For example, 2011 Golden Mustangs Day committee members will begin service in November 2010)
  • Overall time commitment is minimal

Recommended response dates:

5-45 year reunions 50-year reunion Golden Mustangs Reunion
January 31 of reunion year September 30 prior to reunion year October 31 prior to Golden Mustangs reunion year


For more information visit, the Reunion Committees website.