SMU Alumni


The student callers at SMU play a special role in the University's goal of connecting with alumni after graduation. Alumni all over the country have the opportunity to share the memories and traditions they experienced with today's students. Whether it was a few years or a few decades ago, one thing doesn't change - the pride of being an SMU Mustang is universal.

SMU students from all backgrounds and majors proudly represent SMU by sharing personal stories, current news and events from the Hilltop, and encouraging all alumni to participate in SMU's Second Century Celebration, a historic time for the University. Many alumni look forward to their annual phone call, we hope you will too.

Contact us at Please let us know if you have questions about Telepony or if you wish to schedule your call at a specific time. We will also remove you from our calling list if you wish. If you're a student and are interested in joining the team, we'd love to hear from you.