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Young Alumni Board

The Young Alumni Board represents 13,300 Young Alumni worldwide. They strive to inspire support for SMU through relative and engaging programs.  The Board consists of 22 members at-large who are nominated and selected by their peers and serve two-year terms, with the option of a third year. Two ex-officio members represent the Black Alumni of SMU and the Hispanic Alumni of SMU.  These members serve one-year terms.  New members are nominated  and chosen by current Board members during the spring of each fiscal year.

Member Requirements:

  1. Attend two on-campus meetings (one in the fall, one in the spring)
  2. Participate in the quarterly conference calls missing no more than two each year
  3. Serve as an alumni host at a minimum of one SMU event each semester (in Dallas or Chapter City)
  4. Make a gift to any area of SMU between June 1 and May 31 of each term

2015-2016 Young Alumni Board Members:

Mark Agnew '12
John Angle '13, '14
Liz Blumberg '14
Erika Briceno '11
Luisa del Rosal '08, '15 - President
Lamar Dowling '09, '13
Lauren Driskell '06
Liz Dubret '15
Stew Fuller '10
Andrew Galloway '08, '13 - Past-President
Rennie Gibb '09, '11
Dan Jensen '09
Greg Kitt '08
Jordan Kragen '12 - President-Elect
Kevin Lavelle '08
Lauren Lyngstad '14
Travis Rice '07
Taylor Russ '07
Ramon Trespalacios '14, '15
Mattson Uihlein '10
Gennea Squires de Torres '06, '11
Elizabeth Zamora '12